Research topics

I am interested in developing tools and methods that aim at debugging and optimizing HPC applications.

I have developed PARCOACH, a static/dynamic tool to detect collective errors in parallel applications. The static part identifies the reduced set of collective communications that may eventually lead to potential deadlock situations, and issues warnings. Using this analysis, a selective instrumentation of the code is then achieved, displaying an error, synchronously interrupting all processes, if the schedule leads to a deadlock situation.

PARCOACH is implemented as a LLVM pass and is still under development.


  • HAC SPECIS, Inria project lab on High-performance Application and Computers: Studying PErformance and Correctness In Simulation (2016 - 2020).

  • ANR Exacard

  • COHPC (COrrectness and performance of HPC applications), Inria associate team (2019 - 2021). Visit the website


PARallel COntrol flow Anomaly CHecker (PARCOACH) aims at helping developers in their debugging phase of parallel and distributed applications. Read more about PARCOACH